Bavarian Pretzels


Our Story

Born and raised in the southern part of Germany, Ralf grew up eating hearty Bavarian Pretzels.  Now, as a baker, Ralf brings these same pretzels to the Pacific Northwest.

Together with his wife, Kacy, a Bellingham native, and their two sons, Ralf moved to Bellingham, Washington in 2003.  He shipped his baking equipment over from Germany, found the perfect combination of flour from a local organic flour mill and makes fresh pretzels, pretzel buns and pretzel sticks every day from scratch.

(April 2019) We are thrilled to announce that our son, Sam, and his partner Sienna are working with us at the bakery. Sam grew up learning to make dough and roll pretzels alongside Ralf, and Sienna started working at the bakery as a teenager.  They are both amazing bakers and we are very fortunate that they love the pretzel business as much as we do!